Hyponic Geared Motors

  Hypoid Gearbox Precision Hypoid Gearbox for Servo Motors
Hyponic Geared Motors
Hypoid Gearbox
Precision Hypoid Gearbox for Servo Motors



Till now right angle drives were worm type which are grossly in-efficient in comparison with other types.

So, Hyponic series introduced by Sumitomo are RIGHT ANGLE AND WITH HOLLOW OUTPUT SHAFT but without worm and worm wheel.

Spiral bevel,hypoid type gears are used and are made of steel hardened and ground.

HYPONIC DRIVE® equipped with hyponic gears. delivers high performance and high efficiency in a compact package

So,hyponic is superior to worm type with respect to efficiency,weight and size as well.


High efficiency

Sumitomo Hyponic Drive provides higher reduction ratio than bevel gears, allowing higher efficiency in all ranges of reduction ratios.

Low noise
With larger Contact intervals than bevel gears, Hyponic Drive has a greater transmission capacity, which results in extremely silent and vibrationless operation.

Robust and long-life
Hyponic gears are made of molybdenum steel and case harden to provide reliable robust operation.

Lightweight and compact
Integration of the motor shaft and hypoid pinion and an aluminamu alloy casing (for frame size #1531 or #56 and smaller) minimize weight in a strong compact package.

The long-life grease allows operation without changing the grease for a long time and allows installation at any desired angle of incline.

World standard
Brake motors, special voltage, international standards for outdoor use and other specifications are also available.

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