Rollstar Planetary Gearbox

Rollstar Planetary Gearbox

ROLLSTAR planetary gear reducers are compact gear units providing high torques at low net weights. The most modern computing and manufacturing processes, quality assurance and generously dimensioned roller bearings ensure a long service life. The crown gears are made of quenched and tempered steel alloy and nitrided, the planetary gears are made of high-grade, hardened carburised steel. The surfaces of the teeth are ground to ensure high load resistance and quiet operation of the gears. All planetary carriers have a dual bearing and three or more planetary gears which means that dimensions can be substantially reduced. Each planetary gear stage is available with several reductions, giving a large number of different reductions for multi-stage gears.

As delivery times become ever shorter, an increasing flexibility level is also required on behalf of hydraulic motor and gearbox suppliers. ROLLSTAR constantly fulfils these requirements for the widest possible range of applications and also has the necessary experience and references.

We would be pleased to receive your enquiry , and kindly ask you to submit the following information: 

  • type of machine to be driven
  • intermittent and continuous output torque
  • continuous and intermittant rpm at input
  • type of driving motor (electrical, hydraulic, etc.)
  • flow rate of pump at operating pressure (continuous / intermittant)
  • requested ratio of gear
  • type of attachment / at input side / at output side (enclose drawing if possible)
  • environment temperature and conditions
  • operating cycle
  • requested min. bearing life time

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