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Industrial Gearbox and Geared Motor Manufacturers in India

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GEAR UP: Complete Techno-Economic Drive Solutions From Power Ace

Power Ace ensures machine makers are presented with the latest technologies concerning Precision Gear Drives to modernize their machines. With the latest technologies Precision Servo Gear Heads, Precision Right Angle gearbox, Precision and Industrial couplings, Keyless Locking assemblies and Shrink Discs. We at Power Ace, one of the leading Gear Manufacturers in India help companies to optimize drive selection and ensure maximum productivity and efficiency of their machines.


We are one of the leading Power Transmission Equipment e.g. Industrial Gearbox manufacturers in India!!! We offer a wide range of products like Harmonic Gearing, Hyponic Geared Motors, Helical Geared Motors, Planetary Gearbox and Gearheads and other related products. Power Ace has maintained the highest levels of skills and used its 25 years of experience to earn a reputation as a long term dependable partner to our customer’s. Our Principles have developed sophisticated infrastructure armed with the latest technology and modish machinery. With all the necessary components installed, we can process every client’s order as per the specifications. Our well-equipped capacious warehouses keep the products safe and ready for procurement assuring 100% quality and durability of the products.

How Are Servo Gearheads /Gear Motors Useful?

A Geared Motor is a prime mover which reduces the speed of the motor allowing machines to operate at a slower speed. These motors can deliver high torque at lower speeds. It is essentially a combination of speed reducer with a servo motor typically functioning as a speed reduction gearhead or gearbox hence, it can also be defined as a gear reducer.


The two most common types of gear heads/geared motors are right-angled gear motor/Gearheads and inline geared motor. They are widely used in Primary and end of the line packaging and processing machines. E.g. Blister Packing, Catenating, Ampule/Capsule filling/ Robotics/Automations/Pick-n-place units/ Precision Feeders/Deep hole drilling/Wind Mills/ Conveyor pulleys/Slitting Lines/Cut to length/Rack and Pinion drive/Screw Feeders/SPM/Machine Tools/Dividing Heads/AGV’s/ Medical equipment/Capping Machines and many more.

Gearboxes And Geared Motors Are Serving A Variety Of Industries:

● Sugar

● Paper

● Cement

● Steel

● Pharmaceuticals

● Food Processing

● Defence Industry

● Space Industry

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