Different Types Of Gearbox


“Sophistication in technology”, this is our unchanging belief. NIDEC-SHIMPO CORPORATION specializes in the technology of reducers. We have brought these technologies together, and developed a new reducer. Increased demands for robots are raising expectations for reducers for precision control. In order to respond to requests from customers, we have integrated all of our accumulated technology, and completed a lightweight and compact reducer with high reduction and low backlash. “FLEXWAVE”, with its name based on our hope to catch the wave of opportunity. “FLEXWAVE” plays an active role in various scenarios, such as for robots and machine tools 

The term “gearbox” is widely used to describe the housing for a transmission’s gears. Transmission mechanisms, such as gearboxes, are utilized in vehicles, turbines, and other heavy equipment to convert rotational power into linear motion.  

A gearbox, in its most basic form, is a mechanical element or component consisting of a gear train or series of gears enclosed in a casing. The very name suggests that it is a casing for gears. It is also called “transmission”. Automobiles are the most common places to find gearboxes made by gearbox manufacturers in India, which are comprised of a collection of gear and a housing for them.  

Power Transmission Drives enable the equipment to run effectively and deliver the torque required to complete a assigned task.  It is essential to enhance the torque required using available power. Gearboxes are used in a variety of applications, including Robots, AGV’s ( Automated Guide vehicles), Satellite Tracking Antennas, Solar Power Plants, Satellites itself, 

All types of packing, conveying, filling machinery.  

New Generation Of Precision and Ultra Precision gearboxes: 

  1. Smart Flexwave Series 

Precision control reducers of the FLEXWAVE series are adopted to regulate the antennas of communications satellites made by Canadian orbiter manufacturer MDA Ltd. 

Reducers for space satellites are needed to be made with advanced technology and be of prime quality. As they’re exposed to a vacuum surroundings wherever lubricating their elements is very troublesome, with the temperature changing widely. Approx. 3000 FLEXWAVE reducers have been shipped for controlling satellite antennas as of October 2022 & none of them are found defective. This proves that FLEXWAVE reducers meet the standard needed for the space industry. Nidec Shimpo will keep committed to providing numerous fields with high-efficiency industrial machines that utilize its reducer and continuously variable transmission-based know-how, and contribute to society. The strain wave gearbox for robotics addresses the necessity for high-force density in a light-weight, compact package, combined with zero backlash and high reduction ratios. 

  1. Ultra Flat Actuators Series: 

WPM Series Ultra-Flat Actuators consist of an ultra-flat strain wave gear set and precision cross roller bearing combined with a compact and highly efficient brushless DC axial flux motor. The result is an optimal solution for applications requiring high power density in a com-pact, light weight package. Three module sizes are available with up to five reduction ratios. Compatibility with a broad range of servo drives on the market ensures easy implementation into new or existing platforms. 

The WPM Series is available in 36 VDC and is ideally suited for battery powered applications such as AGV drive wheels, exoskeleton robotic joints and other assistive technologies, medical instruments, precise mechanical movements. 

Our customers benefit from optimally matched components, space savings and long service life. 

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